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Equestrian Products

Creemos All Purpose English Saddle
The All Purpose English Saddle is designed like its name implies, to be an all-around saddle. It is a cross-over design of an English jumping saddle and an English dressage saddle. The saddle features a deep seat to aid riders during flatwork. The flaps are set somewhat forward and are typically padded under the rider's leg. This placement of flaps aids the rider during jumping.

Creemos Jumping Saddle
The Jumping Saddle is designed with the English disciplines of show jumping, hunt seat, foxhunting, and cross-country in mind. Thus its design is to aid the rider in their "two-point" or "half-seat" position. These saddles are made to be close contact, so the balance of the seat is set further back and is relatively flat. The cantle and pommel of the saddle are lower, so they do not interfere with the rider's jump position. The flaps of the saddle are set forward and well-padded to accommodate a jump rider's short stirrups and aid in their position.

Creemos Dressage Saddle
The Dressage Saddle is not used for jumping and is only used on the flat. Thus its design is to aid the rider throughout their flatwork. The dressage saddle features a very straight flap. This flap encourages riders to have a longer leg position. The saddle also has a deep seat; the deepest part of which is set more forward. This position of the seat also aids in a long leg position. This riding position allows the rider to best influence and communicate with their mount. The pommel is typically higher. The under panels are often padded minimally to allow for a closer feel of the horse. Some designs had very padded knee roles to assist the rider in maintaining the correct riding position. Typically the dressage saddle employs a drop girth system, so not to hinder the shoulder motion of the horse.